WordPress SSL Setup (HTTPS)

WordPress SSL Setup (HTTPS)


ON SALE NOW!  Protect your site visitors, give them confidence about your website and improve your reputation and ranking with Google with SSL. Installing SSL on your WordPress website will encrypt the connection between your website visitors computers and your website. Soon, Google announced it will start showing a warning on websites that are not secure to their visitors.



Our WordPress SSL set up service includes the following steps:

  • You purchase the SSL certificate from GoDaddy or the provider of your choice (or authorize us to do so on your behalf using your GoDaddy account and payment method)
  • Let us know when done and provide us the login to GoDaddy
  • We will ensure the SSL certificate is installed
  • We will install a plugin on your website that secure’s all the URL’s.
  • We will make sure the WWW and non WWW url’s redirect to the https version
  • We verify that all is working correctly
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